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15 December 2016. Welcome to a productive and interesting day with the target to take the next step for the maritime sector. How far Sweden has come in terms of smart vessels? What is the next step for urban shipping? How do you build ships that are both energy efficient and safe? These are just some questions that Lighthouse have been focusing on during this year and that we will present at our workshop, 15 December.

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Lighthouse is focusing on long-term maritime development, research and innovation. Read about our work and our vision.

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Lighthouse gathers a number of funding possibilities for maritime research, innovation and development. For students, researchers and companies. The lists are updated regularly, so check in often.

The future for regional and local waterways

How do we see local and regional maritime transport in Sweden in 2030? Welcome to a day arranged by Lighthouse and CLOSER with EMMA and NÖKS.


About 80 people from several countries attended the Lighthouse seminar on Autonomous vessels – a higher degree of autonomy for increased safety.

National TV 4 News has interviewed Lighthouse director Åsa Burman and researcher Robert Rylander from Victoria Swedish ICT about smart vessels and

Swedish Radio in Gothenburg with a daily reach of 200 000 listeners visited the Lightouse seminar, Autonomous vessels – a higher degree of autonom

Here you can see our seminar on Autonomous vessels – a higher degree of autonomy for increased safety. 

In the Swedish government research bill, presented by Helen Hellmark Knutsson, Minister for Higher Education and Research, Lighthouse likes the am

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Lighthouse mission is to promote research, innovation and development that benefit the maritime cluster and contributes to a competitive, sustaina


Transportforum 2017 hålls i Linköping den 10-11 januari och arrangeras av VTI. Lighthouse är ordförande i ämneskommitté sjöfart.


A better use of inland waterways would relieve the infrastructure on land, reduce the transport sector's total environmental impact and contribute

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