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Lighthouse is focusing on long-term development, research and innovation by; creating collaborative research and networking platforms, providing support and resources for maritime research, creating interest for maritime research. Read more here.

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This year we welcome John Holmberg, professor of Physical Resource Theory and he also holds Sweden's first UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development.
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RoRo - the future for rolling goods by sea

21 November! Welcome to a day with the aim of raising awareness of RoRo shipping's importance and potential for a sustainable and efficient transportation system.

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Lighthouse is focusing on long-term maritime development, research and innovation. Read about our work and our vision.
  • What is Lighthouse?
    Lighthouse gathers leading maritime stakeholders through Triple-Helix collaboration between industry, society, academy and institutes for research, development and innovation within the maritime sector. Read more about what we do and our prioritised areas.
  • Lighthouse Postdoc
    Lighthouse postdoctoral programme is a unique programme with five postdocs at four different universities.
  • Lighthouse Reports
    As part of our work towards a sustainable maritime sector, Lighthouse initiates and coordinates relevant research and innovation based on the needs of industry and society.
  • Funding opportunities
    Lighthouse gathers a number of funding possibilities for maritime research, innovation and development. For students, researchers and companies. The lists are updated regularly, so check in often.


New ships built from 2013 and forward, has to comply with IMO´s Energy Efficiency Design Index, EEDI, that came in to effect 2011.

At the ongoing EU-hosted Our Ocean conference in Malta (5-6 October), the European Union has committed to 36 tangible actions to foster healthier,


Hydrodynamic improvement is one of the pillars to enable more energy efficient shipping.

Wasted food is a global problem, around 1/3 of food produced for humans is wasted or lost.

EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc recently presented her vision for the future of autonomous shipping.

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International conference on scientific findings on impacts of shipping on environment and their application in policy, marine spatial planning and


Konferens med Maritima Klustret i Västsverige.



Vinnova, Chalmers tekniska högskola och Göteborgs universitet bjuder in till ett informationsmöte om finansieringsmöjligheter i Horisont 2020 för p


The conference will zoom in on the regulatory and commercial aspects of highly automated ships with or without a crew on board, and will showcase p


14 November is the day for Lighthouse annual workshop.

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