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Lighthouse is focusing on long-term development, research and innovation by; creating collaborative research and networking platforms, providing support and resources for maritime research, creating interest for maritime research. Read more here.

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Lecture by Greg Stone - Soul of the Sea

During an exciting afternoon, 16 January 2018, Lighthouse and Stena invites you to a lecture by Dr. Greg Stone, oceanographer and driving force behind the Ocean Health Index. We’ll explore how start-ups and new business models can heal our oceans through technology, innovation, and leadership.

This is what we do

Lighthouse is focusing on long-term maritime development, research and innovation. Read about our work and our vision.
  • What is Lighthouse?
    Lighthouse gathers leading maritime stakeholders through Triple-Helix collaboration between industry, society, academy and institutes for research, development and innovation within the maritime sector. Read more about what we do and our prioritised areas.
  • Lighthouse Postdoc
    Lighthouse postdoctoral programme is a unique programme with five postdocs at four different universities.
  • Lighthouse Reports
    As part of our work towards a sustainable maritime sector, Lighthouse initiates and coordinates relevant research and innovation based on the needs of industry and society.
  • Funding opportunities
    Lighthouse gathers a number of funding possibilities for maritime research, innovation and development. For students, researchers and companies. The lists are updated regularly, so check in often.


Johannes Palm works with anchoring dynamics for floating wave power plants. Meet him in our interview serie with maritime researchers.

The roro sector is a small part of the entire shipping sector, but it is a shipping sector with an optimistic point of view, at least that was the

Lighthouse pre study "For improved ship optimization performance methods" has led to a project at SSPA funded by the Swedish innovation agency, Vin

Välkommen till en dag med målsättning att höja kunskapen om RoRo-sjöfartens betydelse och potential för ett hållbart och effektivt transportsystem

Foto: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet

In a response to a parliamentary question, Sweden's Minister for Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, writes that Vinnova has t



It’s time to stop talking about ocean problems and losses, and time to start talking about solutions and initiatives.


Temat på årets sjöfartsseminarium riktar in sig på några av de områden där utveckling sker inom sjöfarten.


Branschmässa som studenter på Sjöfartshögskolan arrangerar årligen där studenter och andra intresserade träffar företag och organisationer verksamm

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