How can energy efficiency contribute to a stronger and more sustainable shipping sector?

Lighthouse programkommitté

The Lighthouse Program Committee has initiated two new preliminary studies to be carried out during the year.

As before, the Swedish maritime sector will join forces at Almedalen, July 2nd to July 5th.

Emil Andersson and Erik Lengyel are Lighthouse's two new trainees who, after the summer, will be able to work at several different maritime compani

For 10 years, the Swedish Transport Administration will invest SEK 100 million on research into sustainable and fossil-free shipping.

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The Swedish Energy Agency announces approximately SEK 41 million in the program Co-financing of EU projects.

The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation has never before rewarded so many innovations as of this year.

The Swedish Energy Agency announces a funding call worth approximately SEK 15 million for research, innovation and demonstration projects that will

In April, Victor Fernando Placido da Conceicao, Chalmers, presented his lic thesis wh

​Welcome to the seventh annual Swedish transportation research conference.

Since early April, Helena Strand works part-time as a coordinator at Lighthouse.

What are the results and experiences from the GreenPilot project and how can the result benefit other shipping?

Meet the maritime researcher. Ivan Stenius work at the aeronautical and vehicle engineering department at KTH as an Assistant Professor.

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Following negotiations at IMO Environmental Committee meeting MEPC 72, over 170 member states have agreed that shipping CO2 emissions shall be halv

Humans, operating and riding High-Performance Marine Craft (HPMC) in rough seas at high speeds require high level of performance capability.