The ocean is a prerequisite for life on earth, but despite that, we know more about the surface of Mars and Venus than of the ocean floor.

It is not obvius how the skills of future seafarers evolve in the educated environments and how the simulated reality in the education relates to t


Rolls Royce AB has entered the Lighthouse trainee program and thereby becomes another maritime workplace for the participants in the Lighthouse tra

The Swedish Transport Administration shall invest at least 55 million SEK in research and innovation in the maritime sector in 2018.

Meet the maritime researcher Gesa Praetorius. Gesa is a human factors expert currently employed as postdoctoral fellow in Maritime Science, at Linn

Back home from Korea, Karolina Malmek says that the Lighthouse trainee program makes her a better Naval Architect and, at the same time, recommends


If shipping shall contribute to the Paris Agreement*, to keep the global mean temperature increase well below 2°C, Zero Emissions Vessels, ZEVs nee

Novia, the largest Swedish-speaking university of applied sciences in Finland, plans to start a masters programme about autonomous shipping in 2018


In the coming season, Wallenius Marine participates in the Lighthouse trainee programme.

Johannes Palm works with anchoring dynamics for floating wave power plants. Meet him in our interview serie with maritime researchers.

The roro sector is a small part of the entire shipping sector, but it is a shipping sector with an optimistic point of view, at least that was the

Lighthouse pre study "For improved ship optimization performance methods" has led to a project at SSPA funded by the Swedish innovation agency, Vin

Välkommen till en dag med målsättning att höja kunskapen om RoRo-sjöfartens betydelse och potential för ett hållbart och effektivt transportsystem

Foto: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet

In a response to a parliamentary question, Sweden's Minister for Higher Education and Research, Helene Hellmark Knutsson, writes that Vinnova has t