Sustainable Shipping for SEK 150 Million!

Lighthouse will run the Swedish Transport Administration's industry program Sustainable shipping for ten years. But how is this going to happen? What will be included in the program? Watch the video from the May 20 seminar (in Swedish)

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This is what we do

Lighthouse is focusing on long-term maritime development, research and innovation. Read about our work and our vision.
  • What is Lighthouse?
    Lighthouse gathers leading maritime stakeholders through Triple-Helix collaboration between industry, society, academy and institutes for research, development and innovation within the maritime sector. Read more about what we do and our prioritised areas.
  • Lighthouse Reports
    As part of our work towards a sustainable maritime sector, Lighthouse initiates and coordinates relevant research and innovation based on the needs of industry and society.
  • External funding
    Lighthouse gathers a number of funding possibilities for maritime research, innovation and development. For students, researchers and companies. The list is updated regularly, so check in often.


The relationship between shipping and Swedish youth has been cold as ice for a while.

Both are running on ammonia… Yes, that might be a joke in the future.

The International chamber of shipping’s annual report is here.

500 children boarded when Sirius celebrated 25 years on Donsö.



Welcome to Kalmar and a day about today's shipping training programs and a discussion on how these should and could develop.

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