Annual conference – Sustainable shipping sails on

The Swedish Transport Administration's industry programme Sustainable shipping operated by Lighthouse is in full swing. The programme's second annual conference is held in Gothenburg on March 31, 2020,

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Apply to Lighthouse Trainee programme

The trainee programme involve different actors in the Swedish maritime industry. The application for 2020 opens 15 December 2019 and closes 31 January 2020.


Investments in sustainable technologies would not only reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of shipping. It would also increase its profits.

Tankers on biofuels? If shipowners and cargo owners collaborate, share costs and choose the right fuel it could be possible.

Shipping’s emissons of toxic substances and it’s contributions to eutrophication in the Baltic Sea are estimated to cost several billions a year.

If all goods transported by road through Skåne are transported on water instead, between 4 and 11 percent of carbon dioxide emissions from heavy tr



In februari Lighthouse was appointed to run the Swedish Transport Administration's industry program Sustainable Shipping.

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