About Lighthouse

As a neutral collaboration platform, Lighthouse has been able to early identify and analyze the candidates for the puzzle pieces that will take us to a greener and more sustainable shipping.

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  • External funding
    Lighthouse gathers a number of funding possibilities for maritime research, innovation and development. For students, researchers and companies. The list is updated regularly, so check in often.
  • What is Lighthouse?
    Lighthouse gathers leading maritime stakeholders through Triple-Helix collaboration between industry, society, academy and institutes for research, development and innovation within the maritime sector. Read more about what we do and our prioritised areas.


Today, a National Agenda for Maritime Research and Innovation was presented to Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan.

Ships are getting smarter. Now they can make suggestions on how to solve various tricky traffic situations. But what really happens then?

Shipping emissions in the Baltic Sea are estimated to cost SEK 30 billion a year.

Digitization can improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability in shipping.


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