Sweden and its shipping companies, marine technology companies and academies and institutes focused on the maritime sphere, are well known around the world for being progressive and knowledgeable. Lighthouse strives to develop this further to increase Sweden's role as a key player in the future of shipping.

The port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Northern Europe, and provides the whole country with goods.

Shipping - for a sustainable society

Approximately 90% of all goods today are transported by sea. The entire transport industry faces the challenge of an ever increasing demand for transportation and the need to develop a long-term sustainable transport system, a prerequisite for the continued advancement of public services. Faster renewal and development of different areas of the transport system is required within the shipping industry, as well as the role and function the shipping industry have in a cohesive transport system.

Lighthouse focus is to be a long-term collaboration platform for development, research and innovation. Access to skilled and highly qualified people in all areas is important to achieve a competitive and sustainable maritime sector, both in the short- and long-term. Research and education are closely linked. First class research is essential to providing cutting edge educational opportunities. Research, innovation and enhanced expertise require higher education and illustrate why education is central to a sustainable maritime industry.

Shipping and marine technology – an area of Swedish advancement

The Swedish shipping industry, marine technology companies, as well as academia and institutes within the maritime sector are renowned worldwide for being progressive, having adapted to international demands and being at the forefront of maritime research and innovation. The opportunities for innovation, shipping and marine technology companies, universities and public services are significant in the growing global market.

The collaborators within Lighthouse s aims to develop the industry further; from research and innovation indifferent areas such as industry terms and business models, to innovation in logistics, navigation, energy efficiency and alternative fuels. Close collaboration between industry and academia present opportunities for success within the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020, for example. Continuous focus on reinforcing the expertise within the industry, the Swedish shipping industry will strengthen its position and establish itself as pioneers in developing the shipping industry of the future. Together we join forces for a sustainable future.