Lighthouse Postdoc Programme

Lighthouse postdoctoral programme is a unique programme with five postdocs at four different universities. The postdocs work in a triple helix perspective where industry, society and academia come together to promote research, development and innovation. Lighthouse also supports two researchers in order to promote maritime research and innovation.

The Swedish Government's maritime strategy is based on the vision of competitive, innovative and sustainable maritime industries which contribute to increased employment, reduced environmental impact and an attractive living environment. A long-term sustainable development of the maritime sector requires a strong knowledge base and innovation where regions, industry, academia, institutes and public sectors work together.

Lighthouse two-year long postdoc programme is implemented in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Linnaeus University and Gothenburg University.

In the framework of the postdoctoral program, Lighthouse also co-finances two research services at SSPA and RISE Viktoria.