The postdocs

Five postdocs at four universities are enrolled in Lighthouse Postdoctoral programme. Here is a short presentation of them and their field of study.

Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences

Name: Ruihua Lu, [at]
Field of research: Wind assisted propulsion of merchant vessels

Increased fuel costs and focus on reducing emissions has increased the interest in harnessing the power of the wind to propel commercial ships. The project aims to demonstrate the potential of wind assisted propulsion together with companies within the field and apply the state-of-the-art tools for ship (and wind) routing to maximize the benefit from wind power.


KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering

Name: Michael Tanko, tanko [at]
Field of research: Waterborne Urban Mobility

Michael Tanko from Cairns in Australia, conducted his undergraduate studies and got his PhD from Griffith University in Brisbane. His thesis focused on urban ferry systems: contemporary planning, development and use of water-based transist in cities. Tanko's specialisation is a valuable addition to the knowledge of inland and urban waterways at KTH. In several projects, KTH collaborate and try to build collaborations with a mix of competencies such as, urban and regional planning, logistics and transport flow modeling, socioeconomics and vehicle engineering.


Linnaeus University, Kalmar Maritime Academy

Name: Carl Sandberg, carl.sandberg [at]
Field of research: Maritime science with emphasis on leadership and sustainable working life in shipping

Carl Sandberg is a part of a research group that analyses the on-board staff's experiences, attitudes and behaviours. The aim of research is to identify factors that can strengthen leadership development and on-board staff's health, job satisfaction and motivation. The research team's work is based on qualitative interviews, observations and quantitative survey data.


Gothenburg University, School of Business, Economics and Law

Name: Anastasia Christodoulou, anastasia.christodoulou [at] 
Field of research: Business administration / logistics with a focus on the demand aspects of RoRo shipping

The logistic research within shipping is heavily dominated by the container segment and international research can often be translated into Swedish conditions. Swedish foreign trade, Swedish shipping companies and Swedish ports, however, is clearly more dependent on the RoRo / RoPax segments. Sweden shares its dependence on RoRo/RoPax with a few countries and there is a strong need to conduct our own research. The segment is also clear contextually, with route specific vessels, competitive conditions and seasonal dependencies. In addition, it is likely that RoPax is the transportation concept with the greatest variation in demand character, the target group is basically everything that can walk or roll on board.

Name: Marta Gonzalez-Aregall
Field of research: Environmental control charges and incentive structures for ports

Gothenburg University and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute are developing a project on policy and means of control, directed towards incentive structures and environmentally differentiated port and destination charges. The goal is that port's clients, switches to environmentally efficient vehicles/vessels and technologies and alternative fuels. Examples of incentives are shorter waiting times for vehicles and vessels with higher environmental performance and a incentitative for policy instruments can be arrival fees based on trucks' environmental performance. The fees do not increase total revenue, but favor the shipping lines, trucking companies and rail operators who choose more eco-efficient solutions in the form of a bonus-malus system.