Lighthouse researchers

In addition to Lighthouse Postdocs, Lighthouse co-finances two researchers with focus on Lighthouse's prioritised areas Energy efficiency within the maritime sector, Innovative ship concepts and naval architectureMaritime informatics and Maritime safety.

Name: Sofia Werner, SSPA
Area: Improved performance forecasting and optimisation of ship operation

When a new vessel is to be built, there is a need to evaluate the design and compare different concepts. But current methods to predict the vessel's performance needs to be improved to meet the new requirements. For example, today vessels are designed to be energy efficient in waves and in various loading conditions. The solution is the development of hybrid methods where experiments and computer simulations are combined to ensure reliable forecasts.


Name: Robert Rylander, RISE Viktoria
Area: Autonomous safety on vessels

In the Lighthouse pre study "Autonomous safety on vessels", several opportunities for Swedish business and academia were identified to take lead positions in the field of digitization and automation of shipping. This research follows up on the work carried out in the pre study in order to support a larger Swedish effort on smart / autonomous vessels.