Lighthouse in kind bank

Do you or your company wish to collaborate with academia or institutes? Scientists often seek contact with industrial partners to work with them in various ways, such as discussion partner, the opportunity to do research on ships or using other equipment. Take the opportunity to become part of Ligthouse in-kind bank.

The project "The operator's role for increased energy efficiency" is an example of how researchers at Chalmers and the industry work together to understand the operators' role and organizational barriers to increased energy efficiency. A collaboration that leads to relevant results that later hopefully can be used by industry.

Another project, "Design tools for improved working environment," is working to improve security and safety on board in a cost effective manner by using a design tool to evaluate the working environment on board. This project is made possible through collaboration between academia and industry.

If you want to be involved in the future of maritime research and innovation - please tell us your contact details, which / what area you are interested in and what you might want to contribute by filling in this form.

Are you a researcher and wish to work with the industry for your research? Contact us to get in touch with stakeholders for your project. Please fill in this form.

Being a part of the Lighthouse in kind bank is not a binding agreement to contribute to projects, but is a way to show interest in participating in research, innovation and development.