Lighthouse members Wallenius Marine, KTH and SSPA have been collaborating for a couple of years in the wPCC (wind Powered Car Carrier) project.

It is possible to save fuel, but with speed reductions well below the ship's optimized speed, fuel consumption is increasing.

Shipbuilding engineer Per Fagerlund has died at the age of 80.

Policy documents, company values and norms emphasize the importance of social sustainability.

Shipping's total greenhouse gas emissions rose about 10 percent between 2012 and 2018.

The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation has granted SEK 250,000 for a photographic project that will result in both exhibition material and an ima

According to a new report from Trafikanalys the instruments required to achieve the climate goals in the area of shipping strongly challenge the po

Lars Larsson, professor at Chalmers and chairman of the international sailing conference INNOV’SAIL 2020 which was arranged online this week.

Today, seafarers' day is celebrated worldwide.

Trends point to an increased use of large ports.

The shipping sector ‘can’t wait’ for new, low-carbon ships to enter its fleet if it is to cut CO2 emissions in line with Paris Agreement targets, a

Shipping emits 138 million tons of carbon dioxide a year in Europe.

As recently as May, Lighthouse presented a pre-study on how shipping would be affected by an inclusion in EU emissions trading system.

It is not ships from blacklisted flag states but those from whitelisted that put the most pressure on the marine environment in the Baltic Sea.

According to a survey of how Covid-19 has affected shipping almost half of the European Community Shipowners’ association ECSA do not believe that