At the same time as 2,000 schoolchildren were shipped out to Donsö to learn more about the shipping industry, a press conference was held with Mini

What do we refer to when we speak about sustainable shipping?

…Åsa Burman who brings Lighthouse to Donsö Shipping Meet

Problems getting started after the holidays?

New fuels are not enough. Nature's forces must also be used if the goal of fossil-free shipping is to be achieved.

The relationship between shipping and Swedish youth has been cold as ice for a while.

Both are running on ammonia… Yes, that might be a joke in the future.

The International chamber of shipping’s annual report is here.

500 children boarded when Sirius celebrated 25 years on Donsö.

The industry program Sustainable shipping has been launched. But it will hardly contribute to the oceans being invaded by self-driving vessels.

Four rewards and one honorable mention. When The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation

Bye bye Brussels, Bye bye EU-job. In June, Louise Warenius returns to her hometown Gothenburg to become a coordinator at Lighthouse.

Doubled funding for Maritime R&D, but no more money for transport R&D in general.

The Government has decided to almost double the support for research and innovation in the shipping area - from the current SEK 55 million to SEK 1

Although there is a political will that more transport should go via shipping, the truck is still prioritized. Why?