Energy consumption in container traffic between Gothenburg and Rotterdam could be reduced by 19 percent.

It is difficult to practice accidents. In addition, dangerous.

Previous research has indicated that collaboration can be a successful means in order to increase energy efficiency performances and efforts.

No new measurement sensors need to be installed.

Getting the propulsion system to work optimally has always been a problem in shipping. But now there is a solution.

Now it's decided. DenCity, the project that develops smart and sustainable transport for urban densification, is getting a third phase.

Last week, Norway's minister of trade and industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, revealed which industry and research environments will be part of the Norw

Senior stakeholders believe that the global maritime industry is not prepared to deal with major issues that are likely to impact it over the next

It is not enough to focus on reduced emissions.

On November 1, Lars Nicklason will be the Communications Manager at Lighthouse.

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Global shipping is growing faster than it has done in the last five years with a growth of 4 percent in 2017, a new report from UNCTAD shows.

Water transit is the public transport form that increases mostly in Sweden's two largest cities. Still, it's sluggish.

After a year with the Lighthouse trainee programme, Claes Tretow has begun his employment at Stena Teknik.

PortCDM, part of the Sea Traffic Managment project, STM, has described in a new concept note, how Port CDM can handle financial claims and unpaid p

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Collaboration, innovative systems and shared resources can lead to better utilisation of short sea shipping and lead to increased intermodality.