37 serious fires in 15 years. No wonder the EU spends over € 12 million on improving fire safety on car ferries.

Economists are failing human civilisation! History will judge our slant hard!

It is difficult to understand how propellers, hulls and rudders to work optimally together in calm water.

Port operations are primarily a municipal concern and are not treated as a distinct part of the national transport system.

Depressed sailors have always slipped under the radar.

Transport buyers still prioritize the truck while public transport uses buses, trains and trams.

Watch the seminar Inland and coastal shipping - What's on? held in Gothenbrg, Oct 10 2019, here

How does port state controls affect the environmental impact of shipping?

To reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the growth and settlement of fouling organisms must be controlled.

There’s a tremendous jumble of sounds below the water surface and shipping is the biggest source of noise that interferes with marine life.

The third phase of DenCity, the project that develops smart and sustainable transport for urban densification, is underway.

It would not only reduce emissions in our big cities - it would also reduce noise and congestion.

When future maritime training was discussed in Kalmar last week there was a quite heated argument.

At the same time as 2,000 schoolchildren were shipped out to Donsö to learn more about the shipping industry, a press conference was held with Mini

What do we refer to when we speak about sustainable shipping?