Lighthouse new phase set sail

A national platform for maritime research, development and innovation in world class has been formed with Lighthouse new phase as a national maritime competence centre. Four universities and five funding partners are participating from the beginning.

The universities are Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Linnaeus University with Kalmar Maritime Academy and the University of Gothenburg. Partners are Region Västra Götaland, The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, Swedish Maritime Administration, The Swedish Shipowners' Association and VINNOVA.

At a statutory board meeting this Tuesday Claes Davidson from Stena was chosen as the Chairman of the Board. The board members will now nominate members of a Programme Council which will then define and develop the Lighthouse research, development and innovation focus areas. Lighthouse goal for fund-raising is to achieve an annual turnover of 100 million SEK per year by 2020 for research in the maritime sector. The main tasks for the new phase of Lighthouse will be collaborative research and networking, programmes and funding, and communication.