Different perspectives at the Lighthouse seminar at Almedalen

Around 60 people came to listen when Lighthouse presented the Maritime Research of tomorrow at the Maritime Meeting point in Almedalen, in Visby. Director Åsa Burman started by showing Lighthouse’s new video that shows the latest step into becoming a national competence centre. She also presented the new research areas that are put together in a new folder. Both folder and video are soon to be available here at Lighthouse.nu together with a new book based on interviews about Lighthouse’s first ten years. 

Åsa Burman and the moderator, Jacob Lagercrantz from the 2030-sekretariatet welcomed Per Bondemark, SSAB, Ann-Catrine Zetterdahl, Swedish Maritime Administration, Charlotte Brogren, Vinnova, Anders Boman, Wallenius, MP Boriana Åberg, and Birgitta Losman, politician Västra Götalandsregionen to the stage.
Per Bondemark started by presenting a great possibility for more effective transportation by combining different types of goods in the containers. Heavy goods can be combined with light weight goods and thereby use the container’s full space. He said that this is exactly what one of Lighthouse’s programmes, Integrated transportation systems and business, is all about.
- Fifty million Swedish kronor is too little for maritime research, he said. A little more would do very much good. Lighthouse is doing a very important job.
Boriana Åberg, moderaterna, said that politicians must make sure that decisions about new demands and rules are in sync with the maritime research. Researchers must have a solution for the industry before new restrictions are set.

Birgitta Losman, miljöpartiet, said that the maritime sector must get a bigger part of the research funding than it gets today.
- Shipping must become a “real” mode of transportation that is taken into account more than today, she said.

Charlotte Brogren, Director General of Vinnova, said that the industry that represents transport on wheels come to Vinnova with ideas much more often than the maritime sector does.
- We don´t see the same intensity from the maritime industry as we do from the railway, truck and car industry, she said.

Ann- Catrine Zetterdahl, Director General of the Swedish Maritime Administration, said they work closely with Vinnova to create full scale solutions for the Swedish transportations system.
- We are very wide in our work. Our work in Lighthouse is now national and we think wide when it comes to transportation. We don´t want to the different modes of transportation to be in different pipes and Lighthouse is very important for preventing this, she says.

Anders Boman, president at Wallenius Lines said that research and innovation is very important for Wallenius. Shipping is not the problem. It is the solution, but research is necessary.
- It is a very important step for Lighthouse to become national. We, as a ship owner, must become a better team member than we have been this far and work closer together.

The whole seminar was filmed and will be available at our webpage and at maritmieforum.se.