Apply for CLINSH

The 21st of August SMTF (Swedish Maritime Technology Forum) had an information meeting about the EU project CLINSH, which stands for CLean INland SHipping.

Due to the Swedish industry´s great research and innovation regarding environmental and climate adaptation within the shipping industry, the EU Commission has sent a special invitation to Sweden to participate in this project. The project is financed by the EU LIFE grant with an approximate budget of 12-15 million for the entire project and 5-10 million for the Swedish part.
- By being and becoming vendors at a promising market, participating companies are likely to benefit from the project, said Karina Linnér from SMTF at the information meeting for the project.

The Swedish part will address the following areas:
1. Fuel Transition
2. Mitigation Technologies
3. Onshore Power Supply
4. Communication, Dissemination
5. Strategy Development

The focus areas are Fuel Transition and Mitigation Technologies. Any legal entity established in an EU Member State are eligible to apply. The grant will cover 60% of the project cost. Applicants must submit their project application no later than August 29 to Dirk Harmsen on the following email: info [at] For questions about the project, contact Dirk Harmsen on e-mail or telephone number: 0705 144977.  

Please read the attached document (in Swedish) for more information.