Donsö Shipping Meet- a good chance to network

This year's Donsö Shipping Meet gives a chance to participate in seminars, meetings and presentations in a beautyful maritime environment in the archipelago of Gothenburg. Speakers at the new "on stage" seminar are, among others Sweden's minister of Infrastructure Anna Johansson and Lighthouse's director Åsa Burman. 

Hi Elsa Hjertén Grahm, project coordinator at Donsö Shipping Meet. What is the event all about?
DSM15 is a possibility for suppliers to meet ship owners in a very efficient way. We set up meeting schedules so that all get to meet those they want to meet. The event was started after many supplyers came out to the island of Donsö to talk to the ship owners but no one had time for them. The Donsö ship owners then decided to invite the suppliers for two days every second year. The Donsö Shipping Meet started 2009 and since then we’ve started to arrange seminars and exhibitions. We believe this adds to the experience for our visitors.

Is DSM15 only for business people or is there any room for other actors as well?
The meetings are almost only business, but this year we have something we call “on stage”- shorter presentations with interesting exhibitors and other interesting speakers. We have, for example, a presentation about ballast water cleansing and another about LNG- bunkering. And Lighthouse’s Åsa Burman is also there giving a presentation.

Why should those interested in shipping research come to Donsö Shipping Meet?
It’s a great place for networking. You can check our web for interesting seminars, go and listen to them and afterwards meet the speakers or have spontaneous meetings with other visitors. My advice is to check the “on stage”. That’s where new ideas and new technology gets presented, Chalmers has a presentation for example.
We believe that the seminar about the consequences of the SECA- regulation, presented by Maritime Insight and Marine Benchmark, will draw a lot of attention. They will present their result from trend analysis from AIS-data to see how the shipping business may have changed the way they operate, for example changed routes, due to the regulations. We believe this event will be crowded.

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