Appreciated opening ceremony for new Lighthouse

During the crowded and well received opening ceremony of Lighthouse´s new phase as a national competence centre, Bengt-Olof Petersen, the director of Lighthouse, and the Minister of Infrastructure, Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, stressed the importance of cooperation between academy, industry and the public sector.


Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd during the event in Almedalen. Photo: Pierre Adolfsson, Sjöfartstidningen

Monica Lundh, co-director of Lighthouse, and Bengt-Olof Petersen started the opening ceremony of Lighthouse.

-  The new Lighthouse aims to enhance the possibility of reaching the zero vision-goal by incorporating three core processes. One communication platform, one platform for cooperation and strategic focus and one programme portfolio. These platforms will enable the shipping industry to cooperate and increase its competitiveness, said Bengt-Olof Petersen.

-  Maybe we cannot be the cheapest shipping country, but we can be the best shipping country, said Monica Lundh.

The potential of Swedish maritime industry was further stated by Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd.

-  The Swedish maritime industry should not try to be as good as other countries – the Swedish maritime industry should aim at being the best. In order to reach this goal, cooperation is essential, said Elmsäter-Svärd.

There was also a panel discussion with Ann-Catrine Zetterdahl, Director for the Swedish MaritimeAdministration, Pia Berglund, CEO of the Swedish Shipowners' Association, Maria Dahl-Torgerson, Communications Director at VINNOVA, Johan Carlsten, Vice President for Chalmers, and Magnus Kårestedt, CEO of the Port of Gothenburg. Among other things they talked about Lighthouse role as a national competence center, and the possibilities for the shipping industry to gain extra financing because of it.

To the left: Maria Dahl-Torgerson, Johan Carlsten, Magnus Kårestedt, Ann-Catrine Zetterdahl and Pia Berglund. Photo: Pierre Adolfsson, Sjöfartstidningen

Lighthouse new director, Åsa Burman, was also introduced and participated during the opening ceremony. More information about her will be published shortly.