The future includes Electronic Transport Records

The project “Electronic Transport Records” started in 2012 and will continue and develop over the next years. To date, discussions about the continuation of the project concerns the focus of the project, widening of the network as well as opportunities and priorities concerning the subject. 

During the Electronic Transport Record kick-off workshop the 25th of September several speakers confirmed the increasing importance of Electronic Transport Records in the maritime sector - the project leader Dr. Abhiyuan Basu Bal was one of them.

- Electronic Records in international trade is part of the mechanism of reducing transaction costs. Small shippers still use paper documentation while some large shoppers use electronic bills of lading. Open systems are required in order to bring in SMEs, said Dr. Abhinyan Basu Bal.

The new maritime law on Electronic Transport Records was discussed by Professor Gertjan van der Ziel who also brought up the issue of the Rotterdam Rule, which was initiated in 2008.

- The Rotterdam rules provide the legal infrastructure that is needed for the future development of e-commerce systems in maritime transport, irrespective of the system makes use of an electronic transport records, said Professor Gertjan van der Ziel.


Additional speakers at the workshop were Mr. Luca Castellani from UCITRAL, Associate Professor Guo Yu, Professor Ted Lindblom, Dr. Miriam Goldby, Dr. Philippe Gar and Dr. Per-Olof Arnäs.


Please contact Dr. Abhinyan Basu Bal for more information about the project at the following e-mail:Abhinayan.Basu [at]