Life-cycle Assessment project at the Port of Gothenburg

Is shipping the most environmental friendly transport mode? We will be one step closer to the answer after a study by researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute who at the moment are undertaking a life-cycle assessment with the goal of comparing the infrastructure for different transport modes. A life-cycle assessment of the port of Gothenburg is an important part of the project.

Hulda Winnes, Håkan Stripple, and Erik Fridell at IVL Swedish Environmental Research are working in the research project

- The entire project is about environmental effects of infrastructure for transport modes, says Erik Fridell, researcher at IVL.

What is distinguishing this project is that the researchers are not interested in the ship or car in itself, but the infrastructure - in this case the harbour.

- With this analysis and method it will be possible to better compare all transport modes. This will hopefully lead to accurate and thorough input to decision makers and owners and users of cargo transport. If you do not consider the infrastructure of a transport mode, you will get another image that does not provide you with the overall picture, says Erik.

Even though the result will take another couple of months, Erik Fridell predicts that the report will show that when it comes to the contribution from infrastructure shipping will likely look comparatively good.

- The environmental effects of shipping infrastructure will probably be less compared to road and railway. For instance, trucks are dependent on roads and lightning and so on which require more use of for crude oil and material than the shipping infrastructure, says Erik.

The entire project is sponsored by VINNOVA. The port of Gothenburg and the Swedish Maritime Agency have also participated in the project by providing information and engaged in discussions.

Please contact erik.fridell [at] (Erik Fridell), hakan.stripple [at] (Håkan Stripple) or hulda.winne [at] (Hulda Winnes) if you would like to know more about the project.