Lighthouse application to Vinnova for SIO-program

Last week Lighthouse submitted an application to Vinnova for a so-called Strategic Innovation Area (SIO, Strategisk Innovations Område). With focus on cooperation between academy, industry and society Lighthouse wants to bring the whole maritime cluster together to achieve growth and sustainability.

The program is named Zero Vision Innovation, and has its foundation in the Swedish Maritime Research and Innovation Agenda Svallvåg 2013, an agenda written by various representatives from the maritime cluster. The overall objective of the program is the Zero Vision that envisages providing competitive sea transport solutions and maritime operations whilst avoiding accidents as well as unnecessary resource use and impact on natural environment and health. By addressing industry needs to meet environmental challenges and work together in focused research and innovation projects we want to make the Swedish maritime industry more competitive and sustainable.

A SIO-program is a research and innovation program co-financed by Vinnova. In this first step, Lighthouse has sent an application to Vinnova, for a program concept in order to be qualified for the final more extensive application to be submitted in March 2014. If the program will become a reality up to 100 millon SEK per year can be made available for research and innovation where 50 percent of the financing has to come from the industry.

On December 11 we will meet at KTH in Sockholm to further discuss and draw out plans on how all the new potential partners can join forces with Lighthouse to support a strong and competitive final application to Vinnova in March next year. We will compete with other industrial clusters in Sweden in being chosen as a Strategic Innovation Area so a strong and co-operative effort is a key success factor. One issue to be discussed at the meeting is the enlarged partnership in Lighthouse so that Lighthouse can be seen as representing the whole cluster.