Maritime industry collaborates in establishing a unique trainee programme

The Swedish maritime industry join forces to put together a comprehensive trainee program for recently graduated Naval Architechts. A programme that will improvethe possibility for Swedish companies to retain the top talents, and provide a unique opportunity for trainees to get a very broad range of skills.

The initiative is coordinated by Lighthouse, and the collaborating employers represent different actors in the Swedish maritime industry; shipowners, shipyards and manufacturers, classification societies, authorities, designers and more. The trainee programme will be open for Naval Architect graduates from Chalmers University of Technology and the Royal Institute of Technology and admissions in the form of employment are planned to begin in autumn 2014.
-This is an opportunity that will involve a kick start to the careers of trainees, says Suzanne Green at Lighthouse, program coordinator for the trainee program .

Each year two newly graduated will be offered this opportunity to attend the newly started trainee programme. Employment will be on commercial terms and for 18 months. During this time each trainee will work for six employers, working in different segments of the shipping industry and gain international experience through one working period abroad.
This is also a way for the Swedish maritime companies to further strengthen their organizations. Today many talented students go abroad after completing their education, with an attractive trainee programme the goal is to keep more of the best people in Sweden.
- We are starting up this program to show that we as an industry have a wide range of business activities and can offer a variety of career opportunities, that we believe in the future and want to attract young people to an international industry offering large opportunities and challenges. This should be seen as an opportunity for new graduates to make contacts and quickly become established in the shipping industry. Experience from previous trainee programs in the shipping industry is very good, says Harry Robertsson, Technical Director at Stena Rederi AB, one of the originators of the program.

Amongst the companies involved in starting up the programme you can find representatives from different parts of the maritime cluster, for example Det Norske Veritas, GVA Consultants, SSPA, Stena, TTS Marine and Wärtsilä.
-It is now up to us companies to really take advantage of the trainees’ knowledge and provide them with qualified tasks, says Susanne Abrahamsson, CEO of SSPA.