Meet Lighthouse trainee programme´s new trainees

In September Lisa Kilsmark, graduate from Chalmers University of Technology, and Johan Fridström, graduate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, will start their traineeship at two different companies. During the trainee programme they will get the opportunity to work at four different companies and get to know the sector. Participating companies at this year´s trainee programme are Alfa Laval, GVA, SSPA, Stena, Floatel International, Wärtsilä and TTS-Marine.

Both Lisa and Johan have been chairman at their student organisations and both recently finished their master´s thesis. While Lisa Kilsmark thesis is about the use of extreme high strength steel in lightweight design and includes structural analysis of hull sections with regards to DNV rules, Johan Fridström has for his last project worked with statistical properties of the ambient noise in the Baltic Sea and its relation to passive sonar.

Johan and Lisa look forward to start the trainee programme this autumn.

- It feels great and I very much look forward to the traineeship, it feels like a unique chance to learn more about the entire sector, says Lisa Kilsmark.

Why did you decide to apply for the programme?

- For me it is exciting to try so many different things and get to know several companies. It is a privilege to get to know a lot of people and experiences as much as we will, says Johan Fridström.

- I believe the trainee programme will give an opportunity to learn an extensive amount of new things. It is a large sector and there is much to discover, says Lisa Kilsmark.

What are your expectations for the programme and what are you mostly looking forward to?

- My expectations are that the programme will be very interesting and let me meet a lot of people and I hope that I will learn more about the entire industry and market. For instance how the industry works and the dynamics of it. I look forward to see different sides of the industry. At the moment I have a lot of knowledge of the construction side, but at my time at for instance Alfa Laval and Wärtsilä I will get to know another perspective which will be very exciting, says Lisa Kilsmar

- I hope I will get a lot of responsibly to solve tasks on my own - even if I am only three months at each company. I also look forward to going to South Korea and experience a new culture. Renewable energy and how the management process works in the different organizations is something I am curious about. Hopefully I will get a better understanding of the sector, says Johan Fridström.


More information about the trainee programme here.


Text: Carolina Kihlström