Movie and report from the annual strategic workshop 2013

More than 50 people from both industry and academy took part at the Lighthouse Annual Strategic Workshop on October 10th. Together they discussed what the new Lighthouse should be.

Exciting things are happening at Lighthouse at the moment. A new office team has been put together with the aim to better communicate all the great things that Lighthouse has done over the years, to enhance what's happening within Lighthouse today, as well as work out a strategy for the future Lighthouse. Since this maritime competence center exist for You, the companies, the academy and the society, on October 10th Lighthouse hosted a strategic workshop where the aim was to collect all the thoughts and ideas from different parties of what they want Lighthouse to be and how it should work. Over 50 people joined the event, representing some ten different universities and research institutes working within the maritime field, as well shipping companies and other businesses within the industry.
  - One impression from the day is that there's a lot of things going on around the country, and we have a lot of competence within the maritime sector, which is great, says Carl Fagergren from Wallenius Marine, one of the participants in the workshop.

What the new Lighthouse want is to be the centre of research and innovation of the hole maritime sector, which brings everyone together and work towards the same goal, which ultimately is to have a large and prospering maritime industry which is a key player in the aim for zero emissions year 2050 and a safer shipping. The participants of the workshop agreed that a centre which works for a better cooperation between the different parties is necessary, and many believed that Lighthouse could be the right player to do it, if everything is done the right way.
  - The Swedish maritime industry has some major challenges to deal with, and help and cooperation with the research sector is necessary to cope with this. I think that this is positive, it's a new start and it's necessary, says Carl Carlsson, head of the environment department at Swedish Shipowner's Association.