New Lighthouse Director

Åsa Burman has been appointed for Lighthouse´s director position.

Åsa Burman, Lighthouse’s new director, and Bengt-Olof Petersen, present Lighthouse director, at the opening ceremony of Lighthouse´s new phase as a national competence centre. Photo: Sjöfartstidningen

Åsa Burman has fifteen years of experience in leadership and management within the energy and port sector. She has most recently worked for five years as Project Director and CEO for GoBiGas, a unique project to demonstrate gasification of forest residues in a large scale owned by Göteborg Energi. Åsa has an educational background in chemical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.

The challenge of leading the national competence centre Lighthouse is something she is looking forward to.

- I recently received the question why I am interested in the position and for me it was obvious. I search for something that is large, important and challenging – and this position offers all of those things. To reach the Zero Vision goal while maintaining the competitiveness of the maritime industry are challenges I look forward to. It is clear that there is a great interest and large expectations on Lighthouse – what it is and what it can be – and it is my aim to enhance cooperation between academy, industry and the public sector, says Åsa. 

Åsa is not new within the maritime sector and has worked for five years as responsible for the Energy Harbour/Ferries & Cruises at the Port of Gothenburg. The opportunity to work within this sector once more was an important reason for accepting the job offer.

- It will be exciting to work within the maritime industry. I find people in this industry interested in networking and in the possibilities of developing and improving the industry, which is something I strongly appreciate, says Åsa.

Åsa´s first day is October 1. In connection to when she starts her new position, Bengt-Olof Petersen will leave his duties as Lighthouse´s director.