Nordic Council of Ministers´seed money grants

Nordic Council of Ministers´ seed money grants provide support to activities which generate and accelerate projects that feed into the overall objective of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Horizontal Action on the sustainable bioeconomy.

Within the Horizontal Action, the bioeconomy together with the sustainable development support the transition of the Baltic Sea Region into a sustainable and prosperous macro-region through improved coordination, clustering of efforts to create synergies, and new actions. The Horizontal Action is jointly led by Nordic Council of Ministers and Council of the Baltic Sea States where Nordic Council of Ministers facilitates initiatives on the bioeconomy and Council of the Baltic Sea States on the sustainable development.


Projects that are eligible for funding must relate to one of these three themes:
1) Cross-cutting issues on policy coherence, sustainable production and consumption, circular economy in regional development and biodiversity.
2) Instruments on new green business models, innovative financing and trade and markets.
3) Value chain integration on increasing efficiency and sustainability of bio value chains and symbiosis effects for instance between various “colours” in the bioeconomy sector (“green”, “yellow”, “blue”,  “white”  and “brown”) and protein and phosphor.

Who are the potential recipients?
The grant is open for networks based on organisations and institutions from the Baltic Sea Region focusing on realising the potential of the bioeconomy in the BSR.

Application has to be submitted in written form. The application follows attached.

Budgetary framework
The maximum amount that can be requested is DKK 35.000. Seed money funds the cost of meetings of the action leaders and participants.

The deadline for applying is 31 December 2014. The applications are assessed on a regular basis. Funds can be applied for during 2014. Please remark that the funds are limited.

For more information, please contact: Horizontal Action Leader Mads Randbøll Wolff on mrw [at]

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