Scientific Advisory Board meeting summarized and looked forward

This years Lighthouse Scientific Advisory Board meeting was as much a summary of last year’s research accomplished within Lighthouse, as much as a thriving discussion about the plans for the new Lighthouse. The boards’ well renowned members were equally happy with both.


The Lighthouse Scientific Advisory Board, SAB, was summoned together in Gothenburg on October 21-22. Board members are Professors Scott MacKinnon, Memorial University in Canada, Kevin Cullinane from Edinburgh Napier University, Atilla Incecik, University of Strathclyde and Malek Pourzanjani from Raffles University Iskandar in Malaysia. Also on board is Dr. Lisa Svensson, Ambassadeur for the Ocean and Water from the Ministry of the Environment, and secretary is Professor Olle Rutgersson, Chalmers University of Technology.

The schedule included a summary from all the six ships about their main accomplishments since the last SAB-meeting. Among many things Karin Andersson, team leader of Eco Ship, spoke about the successful project SHIpH which researched on ocean acidification, and Margaretha Lützhöft from Ergo Ship went through their unique position in teaching Human Factors to every level of students, as well as their international collaborations, next year with Tasmania.
  - I’m very pleased to see that there is a lot of things happening and that Lighthouse has resulted in many successful dissertations, publications as well as educating lots of great people which the industry have all the possibilities to bring in to get part of their knowledge. The main thing that I think could be improved is the coordination between the different ships, says Attila Incecik from Glasgow based University of Strathclyde.

The board members also got a presentation from director Bengt-Olof Petersen of the plans for the new Lighthouse, and the aim to make it a broader competence center. The first impression of the plans was rather optimistic from the members of the board.
  - New Lighthouse has great potential, if we only find the right mix between structure, openness and focus, says Lisa Svensson from the Ministry of the Environment.
New Lighthouse wants to work with both strategic research, innovations, projects and demonstration. Since the plan is to use the tool for demonstrating environmental technologies developed by SSPA and the Shipowners' Association: Zero Vision Tool, ZVT, the board members also got the chance to listen to Helén Jansson from SSPA who presented ZVT and the projects that already are up and running within the program.
  The complete report from the Scientific Advisory Board will be presented for the Lighthouse board of Directors in the end of November.