Swedish Energy Agency invests in shipping

The Swedish Energy Agency recently started to finance research and innovation in shipping and marine technology. Of their on-going research programme around 30 per cent of the funds go to energy efficiency projects and other projects within the maritime sector.

Kenneth Asp at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Last week the Swedish Energy Agency's Programme Council for the research programme Energy Efficiency in the Transport Sector visited Lighthouse, Chalmers, the Port of Gothenburg and SSPA. Lighthouse Director Bengt-Olof Petersen presented the aim for the new phase of Lighthouse. Bengt-Olof´s presentation was followed by Anna Jivén from the Port of Gothenburg. Thereafter, Chalmers researchers Karin Andersson, Hannes Johnsson and Francesco Baldi presented their work on energy efficiency within shipping. The council also visited the simulators at the Chalmers Department of Shipping and Marine Technology.

The Swedish Energy Agency´s research programme Energy Efficiency in the Transport Sector is today in the second part of the programme phase, and will run between 2014 and 2018. 100 MSEK is being invested in research and innovation during these years, and for the first time ever the maritime sector is a focus area.
- We saw a growing potential of research regarding energy efficiency within shipping, and wanted to work more with this, says Kenneth Asp at the Swedish Energy Agency, and chairman of the Programme Council.

At this point around 40 MSEK of the programmes funds have been distributed, and of those around one third has been provided to projects within shipping and marine technology.
- The plan is to continue to finance research within this sector for many years to come, says Kenneth Asp.