Annual Strategic Workshop video, pictures and report

Last week Lighthouse Annual Strategic Workshop took place, with some 50 participants from the whole maritime cluster in Sweden. Here's a brief report, full video from the live streaming, as well as pictures from the day.

One of the groups during the discussions at the workshop. From left Jan-Olof Grönhult, DNV GL, Lena Granhag, Chalmers, Viktor Daun, Lighthouse Trainee, Francesco Baldi, Chalmers, Anders Carlberg, Region Västra Götaland and Per-Erik Holmberg, Swedish ICT Viktoria.

The day started with the new Director of Lighthouse Åsa Burman giving a brief overview of the status of Lighthouse new phase as a national maritime competence centre, followed up by a presentation of other maritime competence centres, collaboration platforms, networks etc. in Sweden, Denmark and Norway mainly. After that Harry Robertsson from Stena talked about their initiative to make a roadmap for the maritime industry, called Roadmap to the Zero Vision, which aims to point out the direction for the shipping industry in Sweden towards 2050.
- Research and innovation is crucial for the Swedish shipping industry to survive and prosper, said Harry Robertsson.
Per-Erik Holmberg from Swedish ICT Viktoria then made the participants of the workshop aware of how VINNOVA:s so called SIO-programmes (Strategic Innovation Area in English) works.

After that it was time for the workshop phase of the day, which started with presentations of the four tentatively formulated Programme Areas, in which Lighthouse will strive to focus the research, development and innovation within. Peter Grundevik from SSPA presented the Programme Areas Logistics, Business and Frameworks, and Alternative Energies, the area Energy Effiecency was presented by Karin Andersson from Chalmers, and finally Swedish ICT Viktoria's Per-Erik Holmberg presented the Maritime Informatics Programme Area. 
- We already are among the world leaders within the maritime informatics field, and if we create a Programme Area within Lighthouse with this focus we can further enhance this, said Per-Erik Holmberg.
All areas have some overlapping, with the overall goal to work towards Lighthouse vision of taking the Swedish maritime industry towards the Zero Vision goal of zero harmful emissions to air and sea and zero accidents by 2050, and with a competitive shipping industry.

The presentations of the Programme Areas acted as starting point for the following group discussions, where the workshop pariticipants discussed what research, innovation and development they should they focus on, where our strengths are and can be, as well as if we need other Programme Areas, and if so, what they should cover. The groups all had a lot of great input, of which we now will take into account in the coming work with setting up Lighthouse Programme Areas. For example there was several groups that pinpointed the need to further enhance the areas Human Factors and maritime safety, the need for coordinators of the different Programme Areas was stressed, and also the importance of Lighthouse work with communication.

Below some more pictures from the workshop, the complete video from the live streaming, and as attachments you find all the PowerPoint presentations as well as a summary of the groups input.


The participants during the morning session.
Peter Grundevik from SSPA, presenting two of the four suggested Programme Areas.
Johan Woxenius, School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University, and Kjell Larsson from Linnaeus University.
Anders Höfnell, Llyod's Register, Björn Södahl, Södahl & Partners and Jessica Hjerpe Olausson from the Swedish Maritime Administration, during the group discussions.
Mingle and exchange of business cards, between Rickard Bensow, Chalmers, Thomas Bräck from Swerea IVF and Triinu Helena Laks, PROPit.

Movie from the workshop - part 1


00.00 Welcome. Lighthouse platform status. Åsa Burman, Lighthouse.
10.10 Nordic initiatives – Other maritime competence centres, clusters, collaboration platforms etc. in our region. Åsa Burman, Lighthouse
22.00  Roadmap to the Zero Vision. Harry Robertsson, Stena.
40.10 Presentation of VINNOVA SIO-programme, examplified with Internet of Things. Per-Erik Holmberg, Swedish ICT Viktoria.



Movie from the workshop - part 2


00.00 Presentation of the suggested Programme Area Logistics, Business and Frameworks. Peter Grundevik, SSPA
18.15 Alternative Energies. Peter Grundevik, SSPA
29.30 Energy Efficiency. Karin Andersson, Chalmers
53.00 Maritime Informatics. Per-Erik Holmberg, Swedish ICT Victoria.
1.15.15 Input from the group discussions