Video from SME innovation funding seminar

Watch the full seminar about innovation funding for maritime SME:s, regarding Horizon 2020 and BSR Innovation Express. 

00.00 Presentation of Lighthouse. Åsa Burman, Lighthouse Director.
15.40 Presentation of SMTF. Karina Linnér, CEO SMTF.
40.30 Participants of the seminar introduce themselves
47.00 Information about Horizon 2020 and the possibilites for SMEs. Jenny Goodwin, EU/SME.
1.21.30 Information about BSR Innovation Express. Thomas Johansson, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.


Because of the length of the video, we had to keep the quality a bit low to be able to upload it.

Two seminars was held on 6 and 7 October, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. The video is from the second one in Gothenburg. During these seminars Lighthouse and SMTF briefly presented who we are and what we do, and then the participants was informed about several different funding opportunitites that exists for SMEs in the maritime sector. These were Horizon 2020, the huge framework programme for research and innovation funding in the EU, which consists of several different programmes were especially SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation is of interest for SMEs. The SME Instrument is, unlike most Horizon funding programmes, open for single companies to make applications for themselves only.

BSR Innovation Express is a smaller funding programme hosted by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Vinnova and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. It is especially of interest for SMEs who are looking into new innovations in environmental engineering, but also other innovations. 
At the seminar in Stockholm the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency also had a presentation about the BONUS-programme, and coming research- and innovation fundings that will be added in the future.