Contact conference gathered the maritime cluster in West Sweden

Yesterday it was the premiere for the first so called contact conference hosted by the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden, an event with 230 participants who learned more about each others work and found new contacts and businesses.

The conference was centered around two presentation sessions, where all in all 32 companies, organisations, academies, projects etc. gave four 15 minutes long presentations, and where the visitors walked around picking the topics they were interested in. After a slightly tentative start the participants and exhibitors soon got settled in the format, and the overall consensus afterwards seemed to be that it was a good way to get a lot of info, contacts and ideas in a short time. Lighthouse was one of the exhibitors, and focused on presenting the new phase of Lighthouse and invited the visitors to be a part of it.

Some pictures from the event:

During one of the four presentations where Lighthouse Communications Manager Jesper Ingevaldsson talked about Lighthouse new phase as a national competence centre.
Anders Carlberg, Region Västra Götaland, Josefin Borg, Chalmers, and Susanne Lindegarth from the University of Gothenburg welcomed the around 230 participants.
Susanne Kindberg from OffshoreVäst gave a presentation of the succesful consortium working with all kinds of aspects of offshore.
Swedish Marine Technology Forum, SMTF, has a lot of activities going on, which Patric Grund talked about.
Visitors listening to different presentations.
Zero Vision Tool, ZVT, is growing with new projects and an important role in HELCOM (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission). Helén Jansson, Project Manager for ZVT.
Triinu Helena Laks from the start-up company PROPit, working with wind power for ships.
A collaboration between several universities in Sweden aims to introduce a Master's Programme in marine surveying. Here Ida-Maja Hassellöv from Chalmers University of Technology.