Eco driving reduced fuel consumption by 15 percent at Styrsöbolaget

By using the measurement and analytics tool Blueflow to help implement eco driving, the shipowner Styrsöbolaget reduced their fuel consumption with 15 percent between 2010 and 2013. 

Ellinor Svensson from Styrsöbolaget.

When it comes to energy efficiency how you drive can be just as important as technical aspects, fuel type and so on. At a well visited seminar hosted by SMTF last week energy efficiency and eco driving was in focus. One of the companies presenting their work within the area was Styrsöbolaget, a shipowner working in the archipelago of Gothenburg and Göta river. A few years ago they started using an advance measurement, monitoring and analytics system from the Swedish company Blueflow, and has built up a great knowledge about eco driving within the company.

Since 2010, they have reduced their fuel consumption with 15 percent, mainly thanks to Blueflow. That means 400 000 liters less of fuel and a saving of 2,4 million SEK a year. They reduced CO2 emissions by 120 000 kg per year.
- We could drive one of our ferries more than two laps around the world on the fuel that we save each year, says Ellinor Svensson, Project Manager for the Eco driving project at Styrsöbolaget.
Within a year their investment in Blueflow had paid itself by the reduction of fuel cost for the company.