"Sweden is dependent on shipping and the water is the way ahead" wrote moderate parliamentary politician Hans Rothenberg after he and other politic

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency invites organizations, individual researchers or research groups to make applications in the order of a

At the Nor-Shipping Fair in Oslo, Lighthouse moderates one of the seminars, "Sweden - frontrunners in sustainability, efficiency and innovation".

In mid-May, Isabella Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, toghether with Karolina Skog,

By 2030, greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector should have been reduced by 70 percent, and the sector should be completely climate neu

Traditionally, KTH arrange the students’ conference and expo during the Marine Technology Days which this year will take place the 7-8 June. During

It should be easier to register smaller ships and easier to carry ships bought abroad.

Shipping and the environment is an international conference on the environmental impact of shipping and its importance within policy, marine spatia

Out on the sea, the crew members often have to trust themselves to solve problems that arise.

In these times of great change, the Ports and Port-Cities – Post 2030 conference will address issues facing ports worldwide, taking into considerat

The maritime industry creates new businesses and jobs!

From 1 May, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, M2, is the new department for shipping at Chalmers.

The Government has appointed Ove Eriksson as Acting Director General and Chief of the Swedish Maritime Administration.