The webinar will be hosted by Chalmers. Screen sharing will be possible also by the session chair and presenters. All participants may raise questions, either written using the Q&A option, or oral using the “raise hand” possibility. The session chair selects the questions to answer.
All presentations, but the two invited ones, will take 10 minutes. This is shorter than normal, and to enable participants to better follow the presentations during the conference a preview will be possible. Pre-recorded presentations will be made available to the registered participants by 2 June.
The conference papers will also be available to participants by 2 June. There will be no printed Proceedings, but an e-version will be available for download after the conference.
Links to presentations and papers will be sent to participants on 2 June.

Company presentations
After the scientific sessions some companies at the fore-front of sailing will present their solutions and experiences. Science and industry will be bridged in these fast-paced presentations of 5 minutes each.

Details on how to apply to be selected for presenting your company will be sent by email to all registered participants.