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List of projects


Project: KnowMe

Description: This research project is concerned with the creation of a maritime industry knowledge network for raising the knowledge level of the sector’s human resources and improving its image and marketability among key decision-makers, the labour market, and the public.

Contact: Arne Jensen

Project: The criminal implications of shipping law

Decription: To examine the criminal aspects of shipping. PhD thesis, Department of 
Law/Chalmers Department of Shipping and Marine Technology.
Contact: Anneli Rask, arask [at] (Mail >)

Project: Shipping emissions

Status: 2007-2012
Description: To examine environment friendly means of control for emissions. PhD thesis, Department of Law. 
Contact: Philip Linnè, Philip.linne [at] (mail >)
Supervisor: Professor Svante O. Johansson, Svante.Johansson [at] (mail >)

Project: Equality in transport

Status: 2007-2012
Description: Means of regulating transport with the perspective of the political goals for equality. PhD thesis, Department of Law, commissioned by Vinnova. 
Contact: Wanna Svedberg, mail > 
Supervisors: Prof. Eva Maria Svensson and professor Svante O. Johansson, Svante.Johansson [at] (mail >)

Project: Emission rights trading within shipping credit grants

Status: 2007-2011
Description: To restructure greener and competitive supply chains, as a hands-on 
solution for operations management and examine the prospects of market instruments and collaborations. PhD thesis, Logistics and Transport Research Group.
Contact: Zoi Nikopoulou, doktorand, zoi.nikopoulou [at] (mail >)
Supervisor: Professor Arne Jensen, arne.jensen [at] (mail >)

Project: Review of material assets in shipping business

Status: 2006-2010
Description: To find explanatory variables for accounting choices by examining how  shipowners report assets. Stage 1 Licenciate thesis, stage 2 PhD thesis, Financial Reporting and Analysis Group.
Contact: Anna Karin Pettersson, annakarin.pettersson [at] (mail >)
Supervisors: Thomas Polesie, thomas.polesie [at] (mail >) and Jan Marton, jan.marton [at] (mail >)

Project: Safe speed and collision regulations

Status: 2006-2009
Description: Study of Colreg in modern technology environment. PhD thesis. Law faculty. Contact: Tor Charles Lund, Tor.lund [at] (mail >)
Supervisor: Professor Svante O. Johansson, Svante.Johansson [at] (mail >)

Project: Credit – financial reporting, credit rating and credit grants

Status: 2007-2009
Description: How companies and financers use accounting and credit rating to act on 
credit markets. PhD thesis, Financial Reporting and Analysis Group.
Contact: Andreas Hagberg, andreas.hagberg [at] (mail >)
Supervisors: Professor Thomas Polesie, thomas.polesie [at] (mail >) and Jan Marton, jan.marton [at] (mail >)

Project: Marco Polo, European Union funding program for environmentally efficient transport solutions

Status: 2008
Description: To examine why so few Swedish companies apply for Marco Polo funding and to suggest ways to succeed in applications for funding. Masters thesis, Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Marcus Wiklund, wiklund.marcus [at] (mail >) 
Supervisor: Leif Enarsson, Leif.Enarsson [at] (mail >)

Project: Business ratios for Swedish shipping

Status: 2007 onwards
Description: Development of business ratios in Swedish shipping. Continuous method 
development and quarterly publication of Swedish shipping statistics. Commissioned by the Swedish Ship Owners' Association. Logistics and Transport Research Group.
Contact: Rickard Bergqvist, rickard.bergqvist [at] (mail >), Zoi Nikopoulou , zoi.nikopoulou [at] (mail >) 
Supervisor: Professor Arne Jensen, arne.jensen [at] (mail >)

Project: Logistic Key Indicators for Swedish Maritime Transport System

Status: 2008
Description: Commissioned by the Swedish Maritime Administration. Logistics and  Transport Research Group.
Contact: Cinar Sözer and Yekta Dogan
Supervisor: Bengt Nordén, bengt.norden [at] (mail >)

Project: Updated and expanded cluster study

Status: 2008
Description: Points of view and proposals for forthcoming cluster study based on  examination of Jönköping report. Research project. Department of Business Administration.
Contact: Viktor Modigh, viktormodigh [at] (mail >) and Daniel Friberg
Supervisor: Thomas Polesie, thomas.polesie [at] (mail >)

Project: The value of trans-ocean regular traffic directly to port of Gothenburg

Status: 2006
Description: Market strategy analysis commissioned by Port of Göteborg AB. The analysis is documented as main report analysing preconditions, approach, result and conclusions/interpretations, and an attached report with details of calculations, results etc. Commissioned project. Logistics and Transport Research Group.
Contact: Arne Jensen, Professor, 031-7861484, arne.jensen [at] (mail >)
Supervisor: Rickard Bergqvist, PhD, 031-7865241, rickard.bergqvist [at] (mail >)

Project: Voluntary Participation of Vessels in NOx Trade in Europe- Prospects and benefits

Status: 2007
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group.Contact: Zoi Nikopoulou, zoi.nikopoulou [at] (mail >)

Project: Capacity of Rail Container Freight Shuttle Train

Status: 2003
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group
Contact: Yang & Huirong

Project: A Market Study of Sea Transport between China and Northern Europe

Status: 2003
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Huang & Zhang

Project: The Potential of West-European Sea-based Intermodal Systems

Status: 2002
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Bergqvist & Esping

Sweden-China Sea Transports Logistics and Transport

Status: 2002
Description: Research Group. Contact: Erlander & Hammar

Wallhamnbolagen AB

Status: 2002
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Bengtsson & Grouzell

Baltic Sea Goods Transportation Development

Status: 2002
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group.
Contact: Suslova & Garlich

Can Port of Göteborg be a Transshipment Hub for the Baltic States and Russia?

Status: 2001
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Kristenson & Erlandsson

Göteborg as a Transit Port for the Baltic States and Russia

Status: 2001
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Coker

Value-Added Services in RoRo-Shipping

Status: 2001 
Description: Logistics and Transport Research Group 
Contact: Björn Garberg

The Swedish merchant navy

Status: 2007 onwards
Description: Bi-annual publication of analysis of the composition of the Swedish 
merchant navy. Commissioned project, the Swedish Shipowners’ Association. Logistics and Transport Research Group. 
Contact: Rickard Bergqvist, rickard.bergqvist [at] (mail) >, Zoi Nikopoulou, zoi.nikopoulou [at] (mail > )
Supervisor: Professor Arne Jensen, arne.jensen [at] (mail >)

The influence of degree of specialization on credit assessment of tankers

Status: 2008
Description: To investigate whether the degree of specialization of a tanker influences credit assessment. Degree dissertation. Industrial and Financial Management GroupContact: Harald Nilsson, harald.nilsson [at] (mail >), Arne Bergvik and Pär Svensson 
Supervisor: Anders Axvärn, anders.axvarn [at] (mail >)

Commissioned contracts at sea

Status: 2007-2011
Description: Investigation of Shipman versus public contract law. PhD thesis. Law  Faculty 
Contact: Jeanette Andersson, jeanette.andersson [at] (mail > )
Supervisor: Professor Svante Johansson, svante.johansson [at] (mail >)

Report on passenger shipping March 2008

Status: 2008
Description: Compilation of statistics for 2007. Commissioned project, Passenger Shipping Association and Swedish Shipowners’ Association. Logistics and Transport
Research Group. 
Contact: Rickard Bergqvist, rickard.bergqvist [at] (mail >)
Supervisor: Professor Arne Jensen, 031 – 7861484, arne.jensen [at] (mail >)

Project: Commitment among seafarers

Status: 2008
Description: To investigate the driving forces behind youths participation in the seafarer line of profession. PhD thesis, Human resource management Research Group.
Contact: Nagmi Barka, PhD, 073-5632896, nagmi.barka [at] (Mail > )
Supervisor: Svante Leijon, Docent, 031-7861540, svante.leijon [at] (mail >)