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Business Ship was led by Johan Woxenius and took up the research into the shipping industry’s conditions that had long been the centre of attention at the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg. Today there is continuing active research within four areas connected to the shipping business. Examples of Business Ship projects were SKEMA and KnowMe.

The Market and the Terms and Conditions of the Shipping Business

The market and the terms and conditions of the shipping business are dependent on the patterns of international trade. In recent years there has been a shift in the research towards the flow of consumer goods in connection with containerization. Reviews of world trade with mainly the Far East and China, will include both commodities and consumer goods. The belief is that the industry’s largest growth will be created in this region, and studies will clarify the extent of the demand for transport.

Maritime Law

Maritime Law concerns all areas covered by Lighthouse but only certain special areas will be prioritized. Within Maritime Law there will be an increased review of financial planning. In addition the traditional charter party will be looked at. A major area of interest is the impact of safety systems on the civil liability protocols, such as ship-owners responsibility and insurance coverage.

Cash flow analysis within the Shipping industry

Within the fields of accounting and corporate analysis, focus has long been on corporations in the transport sector. Shipping industry companies have been observed for a long time. The analysis emanates from the company and its immediate environment, all the way from company startup to the established business corporation. In the future, there will probably be an extended analysis, which will also consider the customers of the shipping industry, e.g. oil-producing companies, as well as the impact on infrastructure.

Logistics and Transport Economics of the Shipping Industry

The logistics and transport economics group will concentrate its research on door-to-door transports, where sea transport plays a central role as regards Sweden. Studies will include analysis of potential transport markets, the creation of competitive transportation systems in the shipping industry and analysis of transportation systems or parts thereof regarding costs, environmental impact and quality. In addition, the studies will focus on possible redistribution of responsibilities within the supply chain including transporters, dischargers, intermediaries as well as innovations within logistics and analysis models of transportation systems.

During 2007 Business Ship advertized a large number of PhD positions within its four different areas. These PhD positions are financed by Lighthouse and will continue the tradition of a successful Maritime research in Gothenburg. In the coming Newsletters, Business Ship’s PhD students will present their research projects.

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