Eco Ship Seminar 2013

The Eco-ship day took place on the 27th of February 2013. It was a real success, as it managed to bring researchers, institutions, and the industry to meet and to discuss crucial themes for shipping and the environment.

Marina Angsell and Anna Petersson from the Swedish Transport Agency and Per Tunell, vice president of Wallenius Marine AB, participated as keynote speakers. Their presentations gave the audience powerful insights on current trends in maritime regulations and on how a shipping company successfully can combine their attention to the environment and a strong economic performance.

Erik Ytreberg talked about scrubbing technique.

Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg then took the stage, presenting research on the three main themes of discharges to the sea, emissions to air, and energy and climate change. Three short presentations on each subject were given. Question & Answer time to raise awareness on a number of key environmental issues for shipping. The message was clear, there is room for many improvements for the environmental protection in shipping and science can definitely contribute in this work. 
The day was closed by Carl Carlsson, Head of the Environment of the Swedish Ship owners Association. He reminded regulators and researchers that shipping is important for our society. Hence, all changes should be decided for the common good. He asked for help, since shipping companies will face a number of important challenges as new regulations come into force.

Everything is connected. Selma Bengtsson talked about different choices of fuel.

Our thanks go to Lena Göthberg, Secretary General at the Institute of Shipping Analysis, who acted as moderator during the day along with our four keynote speakers; Marina Angsell and Anna Petersson, Per Tunell and Carl Carlsson. We would also like to dedicate a special thanks to everybody who participated in this seminar and made it such a great day. We hope you found it interesting and inspiring, and that you will participate to Eco-ship day in 2014!

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