Info Ship

Info Ship was founded in 2012 and was led by Per-Erik Holmberg, Business Manager at Viktoria Swedish ICT. Examples of projects within Info Ship are GOTRIS, MONALISA 2.0 and MONALISA.

Innovating Shipping through information technology

Information technology is and has been an important enabler for almost all industries when it comes to business processes, business models, revenue streams and efficiency. However the shipping industry and the maritime cluster that surrounds it have yet unused potentials in the technology at hand. In navigation, ergonomics and “in-vessel” operations, the information technology is well used whereas the potential in enhancing business and effective operations, ICT (information and communications technology) is only utilised by a slice of its potential. Marine informatics is about applying the technology at hand, together with experiences and solutions from other industries put in a maritime context. It is not about ground research in technology, but rather action and design-research with an innovation focus.

New area with big potential

Lighthouse Information ship is a new theme area within the Lighthouse platform and is led by the Viktoria Swedish ICT, an applied science Institute in the ICT area for vehicle and transportation. The importance of the establishment of the theme area is vital, which we think will make ground for future funding and expansion of the area. Maritime informatics been recognized having central role in the MONA LISA II project, where information-sharing will be a key component in the Sea Traffic Management (STM) concept being developed.

Targeted research areas

  • The design of digital infrastructure for optimal utilization of the maritime infrastructure
  • ICT as an enabler for business innovation in the maritime sector
  • ICT as an enabler for innovations in monitor

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Theme leader
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