Safe Ship

Safe Ship was led by Mikael Hägg and covered Lighthouse research and development in engineering, organization and education in the areas preventive safety, increased survival and evacuation of damaged ships. ACCSEAS is an example of a project Safe Ship participated in.

Preventive Safety deals with safe handling, i.e. the right equipment, the right education and the right organization. Many of these questions are preferably dealt with in Chalmers simulators where the work on the bridge deck and the engine control room can be observed. The research group Human Factors and the instructors in the simulators are key players in this work. On-going projects, together with the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, evaluate the decision-making process on the bridge deck in connection with the intake of large vessels in frequent waterways, as well as the working environment in the engine control room as a work environment and safety issue.

Evacuation of damaged ships in rough sea is all about equipment, organization and education. Research regarding the human capacity in crisis situations is carried out together with the group Human Factors and is of course of major importance in this context.

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