Ergo Ship

Ergo Ship consists of parts of the Ship Work Environment and Safety division at the Department of Shipping and Marine Technology at Chalmers University of Technology. Ergo Ship also collaborates closely with the Department of Product and Production Development at Chalmers. An example of an Ergo Ship project is ITERATE.

Human Factors is an Ergo Ship group working in several overlapping areas. It is of great importance that our co-workers have sea experience as well as knowledge of human behaviour. The main topic of our research is evaluation, planning and design of control centres on ships, that is, mainly bridge deck and engine control room. This group is currently working on a number of projects dealing with bridge deck design, instrument design, safe navigation and decision support. A large project analysing engine room work environment and ergonomics is on-going, as well as a pre-study on staffing. Currently there are six members in the group and one externally financed PhD student. One senior scientist and two PhD students are currently financed by Lighthouse.

The Full Mission Simulator is a modern and unique resource used in research and teaching. The simulator was used in a major research project during 2007, and will be used in parts of an EU project during 2008-2009. Other resources at the department include radio simulators and a number of smaller bridge deck simulators, as well as a large number of teachers with domain knowledge.