Research Safe Ship

List of projects


Project: BaSSy (Baltic Sea safety)

Description: Multi level investigation and demonstration of shipping risks in Baltic Sea.


Project: Function based staffing

Description: To investigate how staffing could be organised according to function.


Project: IBS

Description: Navigational methods


Project: MTO-sjö

Description: Investigating difficulties and risks of new bridge technology, and constructing correspondence groups of onboard seafarers regarding these issues.


Project: Lighthouse/Engine room ergonomics and safety

Description: ECR/ER working environment


Project: Decision platform

Description: Decision making in navigation


Project: 3-D nautical charts

Description: In what circumstances can 3D-charts be useful and increase safety?


Project: Ship sense

Description: How does ship sense arise in small vessels, is it possible to transfer the knowledge to larger ships.


Project: Eye tracking

Description: Investigate marine safety using study of eye movements


Project: Cost-benefit of HF in shipping

Description: How can financial gain be demonstrated when HF is used in design of ships, work place, work tasks


Project: HFNA Course

Description: Summer course in HF for naval architects, June 2009


Completed Projects


Project: Fatigue at sea

Description: To measure differences 6-6/4-8 watches


Project: ITOD-ship

Description: Decision making, navigation in fairway


Project: Social IT onboard

Description: Usefulness of IT onboard from a social perspective


Project: Efficiensea

Description: Safe, clean, efficient Baltic Sea Region


Project: ITERATE

Description: IT for Error Remediation And Trapping Emergencies, modelling of human behaviour


Project: HORIZON

Description: Using bridge, engine and cargo simulators to measure fatigue at sea