Sustainable working conditions within the shipping industry

Sustainable working conditions contributing to a long and continued working life is a strategic challenge on a national as well as a global level. Demographic development has lead to the workforce having to continue stay in employment to a higher age.

Simultaneously, technical development and administrative systems are becoming more and more complex and demanding more attention by the operator, who needs to monitor, control and solve new situations.

Design of the working environment, systems and tools affect the performance of staff as well as their health and wellbeing. Such aspects also affect the efficiency and competitiveness of organisations, as well as costs for bad health and production losses on a socio-economic level.

Important areas:

  • Effects of working conditions, working tasks and organisation of work and the characteristics of a safe, healthy and effective working conditions onboard.
  • Interaction between management, executivs and staff in a multicultural environment with geographically distant working sites and how the leadership relates to gender issues and equality.
  • The design, implementation and maintenance of technical and administrative systems to increase usability and minimise the risk for sub-optimisation, malpractice, accidents and bad health.