Scrubber technology

Seawater scrubbing is an abatement technology, removing SOX to a large extent and NOX to some extent, from the exhausts emitted to the atmosphere. Instead these acidifying gases are dissolved in seawater that are discharged back in the sea (open loop) or stored on board and then left in port reception facilities. The open loop scrubbing process implies an efficient transfer of acid, sulphuric acid and nitric acid, into the marine environment.

To evaluate the effect of this acidification we will undertake biological experiments with scrubber discharge water produced in Chalmers’ engine lab that has recently been equipped with a scrubber module. By using water from the different locations where the biological experiments will take place, the scrubber discharge water from the lab will mimic usage of a scrubber at the respective locations. As the scrubbing process may also wash out other contaminants than acidifying substances, e.g. metals and PAH:s, the scrubber discharge water will be analysed with respect to these substances as well