Wrecks of the World III: Shipwreck risk assessment


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Welcome to the conference WRECKS OF THE WORLD III: Shipwreck risk assessment, which will be held October 12-13 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden. Registration open until 30th September!

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Shipwrecks containing oil or other hazardous substances are recognized as threats to the marine environment. Risk assessment is crucial to facilitate prioritization of which wrecks to focus on and to ensure resource efficiency as underwater technology and operations are costly. During the past decade efforts of risk assessment of shipwrecks have advanced as well as development of underwater technology for monitoring and removal of hazardous substances from shipwrecks.

The WOW III conference 2015 will cover shipwreck related topics:

• Shipwreck risk assessment models
• Environmental effects and monitoring
• Historical and archival research
• In situ inspection methodology
• Salvage technique
• Policy and legislation
• Case study reports
• Responsible authority cooperation





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