The Programme

The trainees will get a unique opportunity of acquiring a broad perspective of the whole maritime industry and a transverse slice of possible tasks and companies available for their future career. Each trainee will work at four different employers in different segments of the shipping industry. As a Lighthouse Trainee you will not only get the opportunity to work with relevant tasks in successful maritime organisations in Sweden, one of these periods will be conducted abroad.

Individually designed program

Is there a special employer you are extra interested in? Great! To make sure that the trainee programme is adapted for the trainee each trainee will be asked to make a selection of the participating companies and organisations. The goal is to maintain as broad experience and network as possible after completeness, and at the same time make the best use of the trainees competences. The final Trainee Programme is to be determined by the Steering Committee with consideration to the trainee’s and employers needs and programme objectives.


The trainees will have short term employee contract with four different employers during the programme.

The salary will be in level with a starting salary for graduates – 30 000 SEK.

Annual vacation is 25 days earned pro rata and distributed at each employer presently maintaining contractual arrangement with the employee.


The participating employers can be found all over Sweden, and as any employee the trainee is to solve their accommodation at the different sites by themselves. For the working period abroad the employer will have the costs for accommodation and traveling covered.

Harry Robertsson, Technical Director at Stena Rederi AB

“We are starting up this programme to show that we as an industry have a wide range of business activities and can offer a variety of career opportunities that we believe in the future and want to attract young people to an international industry offering large opportunities and challenges. This should be seen as an opportunity for new graduates to make contacts and quickly become established in the shipping industry. Experience from previous trainee programmes in the shipping industry is very good.”