Lighthouse first phase 2006-2015

Lighthouse första fas var ett initiativ för att, genom tioårig finansiering, stärka maritim forskning och utbildning. Den första fasen bestod av sex olika temaområden, kallade Ships, som presenteras nedan.

Svenska translation unavailable for Business Ship.

Cargo ShipCargo Ship was led by Professor Jonas Ringsberg and focused on the ship as a cargo carrier/transporter. Joint research projects study, analyze and develop effective and innovative carrier systems, but also including interaction with ports and other parts of the logistics chain. The research projects focused on systems, sea going qualities, ship design and engineering, arrangements on board as well as loading and unloading. Example of Cargo Ship projects are BESST and S-LÄSS.

Eco Ship dealt with research and education with focus on a sustainable resource use and minimization of environmental impact from shipping and maritime activities. Examples of Eco Ship research projects are Safe and Efficient Shipping and Offshore Operation in Arctic Regions and Effship.

Info Ship was founded in 2012 and was led by Per-Erik Holmberg, Business Manager at RISE Viktoria. Examples of projects within Info Ship are GOTRIS, MONALISA 2.0 and MONALISA.

Safe Ship was led by Mikael Hägg and covered Lighthouse research and development in engineering, organization and education in the areas preventive safety, increased survival and evacuation of damaged ships. ACCSEAS is an example of a project Safe Ship participated in.