Virtual meetings

The mingle by the coffee cups, the interesting chat during a walk between sessions, the new valuable contact sitting next to you at the evening dinner... The social interaction during the INNOV´SAIL conferences has always been both cheerful and important.
This year we made sure that you still can exchange thoughts and ideas with inspiring colleagues and companies. Despite meeting on a distance.
Within the framework of Enterprise Europe Network, and hosted by the organisations Bretagne Développement Innovation and RISE - Research Institute of Sweden, all participants are provided access to the INNOV´SAIL 2020 Meeting Platform. A link is provided in the confirmation email after conference registration is fulfilled.
Whenever no session is taking place during the conference you can schedule a shorter networking meeting with someone. It could be one of the presenters you just heard, or someone from an organization you would like to get in contact with.
When you follow the INNOV´SAIL 2020 Meeting Platform link in the conference registration email you arrive at a website by b2match. Here you register your profile through a few easy steps.
After registration it is time to look through the list of fellow participant profiles. Send and receive requests for 10 or 20 minutes of conversation time with possible future research or business partners. The meetings are taking place in a private video meeting room during the time frame you booked, and reminders are sent to your email.
Our goal for the conference is to have sparked new innovative discussions and initiatives. Who do you want to shape the future of sails with?