Varför delta?

Företag och organisationer som deltar i traineeprogrammet tar ett stort ansvar och har mycket att vinna.

Benefits for host companies

  • A qualified and well-educated employee.
  • A newly graduated with fresh knowledge, new perspectives and enthusiasm.
  • The possibility to introduce your company to a possible future leader.
  • Exposure amongst students as a modern and energetic organisation.
  • Participating in mapping shipping as a business worth investing in and contribute to a higher competence in the whole sector.
  • Management of information, coordination and recruitment through Lighthouse.

Responsibilities for host companies

  • Provide fulltime on-the-job training, making the best possible availability of relevant tasks, for a period of three months.
  • To host the trainee appointed by the Steering Committee for a period of three months.
  • To give the trainee a short term employment contract and a salary in level with starting salary for graduates.
  • To provide a named and known tutor to the trainee.
  • Participate in leading and developing the Trainee Programme by participation in Steering or Recruiting committee.
  • Finance the administration with an annual fee of 5000 SEK.